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Günter Staeffler: The 'Time' Production Line by Braun Part 2 Wall Units

Günter Staeffler

The 'Time' Production Line by Braun - Part 2 Wall Units

In 'Design+Design' No. 28 the Braun table and alarm clocks out of the 'time' production line were introduced. Part 2 follows now-with some delay. The article takes care of the wall clocks, part of the Braun product range since 1979.


ABW 21 domo quartz fix and flex

These formally convincing models were the first in the Braun wall clocks line; 'fixes' were fitted with rigid wall fixtures, 'flexes' with a system of flexible rubber-covered ball bearings. This clock can be tilted up to 15 degrees to all sides. The ABW 21 was 14,8 cm in diameter and cost DM 49,-, available in both black and white. The dial was of clear and well-readable design.


ABW 22 domo quartz fix and flex

From 1980 onwards a larger version with 21,5 cm was offered, in black and in white, DM 65,-. 'flex' model was tiltable to up to 22 °.


ABW 21 domodesk quartz

The ABW 21 fix available in black and in white with special fixtures for setting up on tables.


AWB set domodesk quartz

Here the ABW 21 fix was offered in combination with a barometer in black exclusively. Complemented by an extra fixture it could also be used as a table clock.


ABW 41 domodisque

This clock is of high aesthetic and technical quality: an extremely slim quartz-powered battery wall clock with black chromium-plated metal housing. Diameter of just 19 cm. The dial was covered by a transparent lid. Front adjustable. When introduced in 1981, the ABW 41 was the world 's slimmest wall clock. lt costs DM 79,-.


ABK 30/ ABW 30

Clocks of this type were 20 cm in diameter, a little larger than the ABW 41. They were 25 mm thick, i.e. also extremely slim. The housing consisted of plastic compound, the dial received a plastic overlay. Colors were white/ white, black/black, black/silver and a colored version with a blue, yellow, red or brown 'minutes ring'. Price: DM 49.50. In December 1993, the ABW 30 (black/black) was offered as a new and unchanged edition called the 'Braun Classic' at DM 69.95.

A complete list of all Braun products from 1955 to 1995 including the complete clock programme are to be found in 'Braun+Design Collection'.


ABK 40

A 21 cm large battery-powered clock with transparent dial cover and integrated date display in the lower half. The date could be manually adjusted. The ABK 40 cost DM 59,50 and was available in black and in white.


ABK 31

Similar to the ABK 40 the ABK 31 was of distinct design and clear measurements, yet without date display. Parts of the series receive white corpus, other parts were grey with slim white, black, red or brown ring shaped accents. The price was DM 49,50.


ABK 20/ ABW 20

At a price of DM 29,95 the ABK 20/ABW 20 was a particularly favorable battery-powered clock with a housing of wear-resistant plastic. Setting of the clock measuring 18,5 cm in diameter from the front. Color range: black, white, red, blue, yellow and brown.

Braun clocks are no longer part of their production range. However, here and there one or the other clock may be obtained from specialized retailers or in department stores.


ABW 35

The ABW 35 was a slim, transparent wall clock with clearly shaped dial and hands. The clockwork was positioned at the front. New were the dial graphics and the combination of hour and minute hands at the quarter-hour points. The wall clock was 24 cm in diameter and cost DM 49,50.


ABW 21

In 1987, a neutrally designed Braun batter powered wall clock with transparent dial cover was offered which was named after Braun's wall clock. Optical and formal separation of the dial for the different time levels of hours, minutes and seconds by a transparent cover. Dial graphics as with the model ABW 35. The price was DM 39,50.


With their functional design, selected materials, color range, clearly designed dials and timeless appearance the clock never failed to integrate in any given surrounding. lnitially, Braun used graphics called 'Helvetia', later, from 1985 onwards, Braun changed to graphics which similar to 'Futura'. Regretfully.


Collectors' ltems

Recommended for their timeless appearance are the models ABW '21 /'22 domo quartz fix and flex, the world's slimmest wall clock ABW 41 and the coloured series of the ABW 30/ ABK 30, a series with highly decorative packings.


Design of all shown clocks by Dietrich Lubs
Photos: Braun AG and Jo Klatt



Staeffler, G.: The 'Time' Production Line by Braun Part 2 Wall Units.
In: Design+Design 39, Hamburg March1997, 22-26

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