Hartmut Jatzke-Wigand

Hartmut Jatzke-Wigand

Bose's '3.2.1 GSX DVD Home Entertainment System'.

The Bose Corporation, a company acknowledged for its innovative research and development performance, presents the '3.2.1 GSX DVD Horne Entertainment System' to expand its award-winning and highly successful 3.2.1 product line. The 3.2.1 Horne Entertainment Systems deliver room-filling surround sound from two compact speakers and a bass module that can be hidden out of sight. What is particularly impressive about the '3.2.1 GSX DVD Horne Entertainment System' is the Media Center with its unwavering low-profile design. Here the designer Richard Carbone decided to integrale the DVD/CD drive into the dark front panel cover so that it forms one elegant visual entity together with the display on the right.


One important product feature of the Media Center is the complexly programmed uMusic Intelligent Playback System. lt enables the storage of up to 200 hours of music from CDs on the system's hard drive. The therefore required, unique storage parameters are being delivered by the integrated databases. uMusic creates up to nine different profiles with the individual and automatic selection of music for the respective user and stores the


artist, style and song ratings that the user en· tered into the remote control. Thus the system smartly determines the personal preferences and then selects those songs that best match the mood or taste of the identified user profile. With this system the Bose engineers offer a smart alternative to the cumbersome searching in your CD collection or to the comprehensive job of organizing a computerbased music library.


Author: Hartmut Jatzke-Wigand

Photos: Bose and Jo Klatt


The Bose Corporation's various 3.2.1 Horne Entertainment Systems will be the topic of the 24-pages 'Design+Design special 3' magazine scheduled to appear in late July 2006. This magazine will cover a wide scope of aspects such as the design principles, prototypes, draft and the design process in combination with the technological development of this system. 'Design+Design special 3' can be ordered from the publisher for five euros.



Jatzke-Wigand, H.: The new Bose 'WAVE Music System'. In: Design+Design 71, Hamburg June-September 2005, 8-9

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